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Events with RCWP

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Council 2017
July 11-14

The majority of RCWP-USA members will gather in Middleton, WI at Holy Wisdom Monastery from July 11-14 for Council 2017.

The preparation for this meeting began in August 2015 and the committee met in May 2016 to work with our facilitator, Debbie Asberry, who helped us see our way forward in engaging all of RCWP-USA. Since last year we have been meeting nationwide in small groups exploring our identity as RCWP-USA candidates, deacons, priests and support members. Our purpose as an organization focused on the preparation and ordination of women to the Roman Catholic priesthood, and our circular model of governance, where we are equal participants in renewing our Roman Catholic Church.  These small group discussions, reflections on our history, Constitution and personal stories, form the foundation of the process to come.

Council 2017 provides the opportunity for us to gather in person and do the work of RCWP-USA from a contemplative stance.  Under the facilitation of Debbie Asberry, it is our hope that, after this year of journeying together, we can gather and embrace our emerging future.
Please pray with us, that this event will solidify our commitment to working together within this progressive movement.



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